Dr. Tania S. Moran

Dr. Tania S. Moran, Principal, Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary School 

Dr. Moran began her educational career as a Bilingual educator.  She has served at both the elementary and secondary levels as a school administrator having joined Edgewood ISD in 2018. Since then, she has served the community as the Principal of Henry B. Gonzalez, where she has made great strides and turned the school around . Her vision is to improve the lives of students, their families, and their community through the unwavering determination to provide a high-quality education. As a school administrator, and through her collaborative leadership, strategic planning, and the empowerment of teachers and students, she has aspired to cultivate strong, data-driven educators, rigorous curriculum and engaging student-centered instruction. Her experiences have strengthened her commitment to provide a quality education for all students. 

She continues to work toward bringing together the students, families and educators who contribute their many strengths and talents to make Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary
a STEAM School of Excellence!